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International Business Resilience Survey 2015


According to the International Business Resilience Survey 2015, conducted by Marsh Risk Consulting and Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII), firms consider cyber and IT-related risks to be the most likely to occur and have the greatest potential impact on their operations.

Marsh, in collaboration with DRII, surveyed nearly 200 c-suite executives, risk professionals, and business continuity managers from large and medium-sized corporations around the world about their organisations’ attitudes toward business risks and the risk mitigation processes they have in place.

Another finding from the survey is that the majority of respondents consider business continuity and crisis management to be critical elements of their resilience planning which need to be adequately established and maintained. Moreover, some in the c-suite take it for granted that their organisations have specific insurance cover for cyber and IT-related risks, when this may, in fact, not be the case.