Risk management alliance

The Risk Management Alliance (RMA) model is specifically designed to meet the needs of its elite agriculture and food production membership. The RMA provides members with the highest standards for outsourced risk management. The RMA program is founded on a collaborative approach to risk management, attracting best-in-class agriculture and food production companies from across Canada. Through the RMA, high-performing companies collaborate to leverage their lower risk profiles and shared commitment to risk management excellence. RMA members have access to the very best in customized and unique insurance products and services, which are normally only available to Fortune 500 companies. The RMA achieves this by promoting its members’ collective buying power and utilizing Marsh Canada’s expert risk consulting services.

The RMA offers unmatched industry experience in:

  • Agricultural associations.
  • Food and agricultural cooperatives.
  • Crop production and distribution.
  • Livestock production and primary processing.
  • Fertilizer and chemical dealers.
  • Feed and grain production, storage and marketing.
  • Seed and grain supply and processing.
  • Food and beverage production and processors.
  • Food wholesalers and retailers.

The RMA has also developed specific captive programs providing alternative risk transfer solutions to qualified members. Available captive options include shared-risk or single entity captive solutions. The RMA has unlocked the mystery of captives and made it easy for mid-sized companies to take advantage of the benefits.

"RMA member companies are industry leaders who share the RMA vision and have met benchmarking criteria established by RMA’s risk management best practices. Members share a common goal, and they trust, respect and genuinely care about each other’s success"