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Marshwings Aviation Insurance Program

Recognizing that different members of the aviation community have different insurance requirements, Marsh has drawn upon our specialty aviation expertise to develop two comprehensive insurance plans (Silver Wings and Gold Wings) to help private pilots and aircraft owners find coverage that best meets their needs.

Silver Wings Plan - Liability Coverage for Canadian Private Pilots and Aircraft Owners

Silver Wings is a self-directed, online insurance program that offers specialized aircraft liability coverage that follows the pilot, not the aircraft, as well as Hull "All Risks" Ground/not-in-motion coverage that follows the aircraft. (Silver Wings only applies to Canadian-registered aircraft with a permissible maximum take-off weight of 3,629 kg (8,000 lbs.) and a maximum of seven (7) passenger seats (excluding the pilot seat). 

Silver Wings is the only aviation insurance program that:

  • Covers most aircraft you may own, lease, rent, or borrow and use for private business and pleasure.
  • Is tailored to meet the needs of Canadian pilots and aircraft owners.
  • Offers capabilities that enable you to complete the application process completely online and have coverage take effect immediately upon payment. (Paper applications are not accepted.)

Policies are issued for an annual term. It is not available for commercially registered aircraft, unless you rent or borrow such commercially registered aircraft for private business and pleasure purposes only. Additional family members living in the same residence as the policyholder are automatically covered to the same extent as the policyholder (except passenger legal liability does not apply to student pilots).  This insurance does not extend to co-owners or other pilots flying your aircraft.  Other pilots must apply separately and submit an application.  

Silver Wings does not cover aircraft classified as balloons, hang-gliders, airships, paragliders, hovercraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, very light jets (VLJ’s). Coverage for student pilots flying or taking instruction on helicopters is also not available. (Passenger liability for helicopters is only available under Gold Wings.)

Under Silver Wings, coverage includes:

  • Aircraft Liability Coverage – Combined single limit up to $3,000,000.
  • Ground Physical Damage "Not-In-Motion" Coverage – Up to a maximum agreed value to $700,000. 

Apply or renew for Silver Wings now. 

Gold Wings Plan - All-Risks Coverage  for Canadian Private Pilots and Aircraft Owners

Gold Wings is a service-supported plan that offers more complex hull and liability coverage to follow the aircraft, not the pilot, including Aircraft Hull "All Risks" Ground and Flight and Liability coverage that follows the aircraft. Gold Wings coverage applies to Canadian-registered aircraft with a permissible maximum take-off weight of 5,670 kg (12,500 lbs.) with a maximum of seven (7) passenger seats (excluding the pilot seat).

The Gold Wings Plan is designed specifically for Canadian aircraft owners and offers the following advantages:

  • High liability limits at competitive rates.
  • Hull coverage for the aircraft in flight, in motion, and on the ground.
  • Customized, personal quotes to help ensure you get the coverage you need at the right price.

As an aircraft owner, you can arrange hull and liability coverage with the Gold Wings Plan. It is a comprehensive and cost-effective plan that provides coverage for your aircraft in flight, in motion, and on the ground. Each policy is issued for an annual term. It is not available for commercially registered aircraft. 

The coverages available under Gold Wings  include:

  • Aircraft "All Risks" Physical Damage Coverage - up to a maximum agreed value of $2,500,000. 
  • Aircraft Liability Coverage – Combined single limit up to $10,000,000.

Gold Wings does not cover aircraft classified as basic ultralights, balloons, gliders, hang-gliders, airships, paragliders, hovercraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and very light jets.

Apply or renew for Gold Wings now.

Applying online will reduce the time it takes to get your insurance and get you flying sooner!

Other Services

Other services you may be interested in:

PCAP (Property Casualty Aviation Program)

  • Hangar "All Risks" Direct Damage Coverage
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Automobile Coverage

E-mail us at gold.support@marsh.com or silver.support@marsh.com for more information or download our PCAP Application form to receive a quote for this coverage.

Marsh's Private Client Services

Private Residences, Vacation Homes, Rental Properties, Valuable Collections (jewellery, wine, art, other collectibles), Automobiles (except in provinces where government auto exists), Recreational Vehicles, Personal Watercraft and Yachts, and Personal Excess Liability.

Marsh's Private Client Services Practice has been a trusted insurance risk advisor to VIP and high-net-worth individuals for over 100 years. Our goal is to provide premium quality service to clients through a worldwide network of PCS resources.

Whether your interests are local or around the globe, PCS Client Managers routinely provide dedicated and personal one-on-one service at very competitive rates. In Canada, representatives from offices in four cities are ready to serve all your risk and insurance needs. For more information, please contact us at 1 800 385 6619 or at 1 800 361 9945 if you are a Québec resident.

About Lloyd’s - Travelers Syndicate 5000 - Insurance Underwriter

Marsh Canada Limited is the insurance administrator of the MARSHWINGS AVIATION INSURANCE PROGRAM. Marsh, the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor, has worked with Lloyd’s—Travelers Syndicate 5000—to bring you a flexible, competitive, and progressive group aviation insurance program.

About Lloyd’s - Travelers Syndicate 5000 - Insurance Underwriter

Travelers Syndicate 5000 is one of over 80 syndicates that operate in the Lloyd’s insurance market whose history extends beyond 300 years. Through Syndicate 5000, Travelers offers specialty aviation insurance and its team of underwriters combines specialist knowledge and industry expertise to provide clients with solutions across a broad spectrum of risk management needs.

The Travelers Companies, Inc. (“TRV”) is a leading provider of property liability insurance for motor, home and business. TRV is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, has over 30,000 employees with operations in the United States, Canada,UK and Ireland, and through a joint venture in Brazil, under the brand JMalucelli Seguros. For more information about Travelers financial strength, visit www.travelers.com.

Travelers Syndicate 5000 itself operates within the Lloyd’s overall rating which currently enjoys an ‘A’ rating from A.M. Best and ‘A+’ ratings from Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor’s as of August 2012 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK. The role of underwriter is to decide if requests for insurance cover should be accepted by assessing, identifying, and calculating the risk of loss. They also define the terms and conditions of the cover and calculate the appropriate premium rates, in return for which they promise to pay all genuine and valid claims.


Marsh's Aviation Practice

The MarshWings Aviation Insurance Program, designed for Canadian pilots and aircraft owners is intended to provide broad, comprehensive coverage for the vast majority of those requiring aviation insurance. However, Marsh Canada recognizes that not all Canadian pilots and aircraft owners can be accommodated by this program. If you are currently ineligible for this program, we recommend that you contact a Marsh Client Service Representative who may be able to assist you in obtaining coverage outside of this program.

Globally, Marsh provides integrated advice on all aspects of aviation business risk. Our Global Aviation & Aerospace Practice helps meet client needs by providing a broad range of risk and insurance solutions.

Please call us toll free at 1 800 361 1625 or visit Marsh's Aviation Practice to read more.