As the cannabis industry grows, the risk landscape continues to evolve. Operating in an industry with a complex regulatory environment, growing consumer demand, and a rapidly changing risk landscape requires a trusted advisor that can identify risks before they emerge. 

At Marsh, we collaborate with our cannabis clients to understand their business strategy and operational needs and provide a holistic risk assessment. Our local presence and global network enables our cannabis clients to tap into experts that create a customized insurance and risk management plan, fostering the right environment for your business to thrive.  


Cannabis cultivation practices have matured and evolved over the years.  This progression has revolutionized cultivation techniques and processes. These advancements have created new risks for cultivators.  The failure to properly understand and address these new exposures puts your business, staff, and that hard won progress at risk. At Marsh, we foster a customized approach with our clients. We collaborate with you to understand your business and operational needs.  

Our focus is to cultivate the right environment for your business to thrive. As your business grows, we will make sure you’re protected and supported along the way. Our cannabis risk specialists understand the needs of cannabis


Innovative processing techniques have been developed for new cannabis products to meet the demands of evolving consumer preferences.  At Marsh, our risk specialists understand the regulatory, health and safety, and supply chain risks cannabis processors encounter.  We also anticipate new risks in product safety, crop damage, business interruption, and other financial and operational challenges.   

We collaborate with our clients to ensure their insurance coverage and on-going risk management helps their business succeed. As your business grows, we will make sure you are protected and supported along the way.  Whether you currently operate a cannabis processing operation, or are considering establishing one, please contact us. 


It takes the right mix of desirable product, stable supply, a good location, and an ideal customer experience to be a successful cannabis retailer. We understand the time and effort that goes into establishing all the elements for success. The robust regulatory requirements and supply chain disruptions can create challenges. Retailers that don’t consider the risks facing their business, or don’t have the right coverage and risk management support, can lose everything.  

At Marsh, we address these concerns so you can focus on your business. Our cannabis risk specialists collaborate with you to understand how your business operates, your strategy for success, and formulate a risk management and insurance program to fit your needs. As your business grows and new risks emerge, we will make sure you are prepared and  protected. Whether you currently operate a retail store, are considering opening one, please contact us.  

Cannabis testing laboratories

Laboratories play an integral role in the supply chain by ensuring the quality, safety, and consistency of medicinal and recreational cannabis. Clinical trials investigating the medical benefits of cannabis for a variety of conditions are dramatically increasing globally. Marsh has unparalleled experience with the risk exposures inherent to clinical trials through our life sciences center of excellence, which has been adapted for cannabis clinical research.   

While testing cannabis or undertaking clinical trials can be challenging, and the regulatory environment complex, our risk specialists engage with clients to ensure their insurance coverage and on-going risk management helps their business succeed. 

Property owners leasing to cannabis businesses

While the cannabis industry offers new business opportunities, leasing to a licensed cannabis business presents unique legal and regulatory requirements for property owners. It can also make obtaining cost effective property coverage very challenging. We understand these challenges and have developed specialized market solutions for property owners with tenants engaged in the cannabis industry. We will work with you to ensure you have the protection and support you need.