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Cyber Risks and Insurance Solutions in the Construction Sector

The construction industry is going through a period of rapid digitisation. Against this backdrop comes a cyber landscape fraught with pitfalls, criminal activity, regulation, and penalties

All businesses increasingly face complex computer and information security risks, with cyber and associated malicious activity becoming more prevalent in every sector. The construction industry in particular is going through a period of rapid digitisation, with technology being embraced both for project modelling and daily operations.

Against this backdrop of rapid digitisation comes a cyber landscape fraught with pitfalls, criminal activity, increasing regulation, and penalties. Those companies which design their IT systems, strategies, and security in line with the evolving business environment have the ability to protect themselves from the potentially terminal consequences of a major cyber event and to differentiate their company in order to remain competitive in a congested sector.

Marsh Cyber Services

Marsh’s cyber team works with our clients to analyse their current stage of cyber resilience and maturity. 

Marsh can provide analytical services related to all of the above. These services include existing policy gap analysis studies and loss scenario financial quantification. In addition, we have tools at our disposal to assess your company risk profile in comparison to your peer companies.

For more information on cyber risk in the construction industry, download our brochure or contact us directly.