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Private Medical Insurance For Pupils

The Marsh Schools Scheme enables schools to strengthen the range of services they provide to parents.

No wonder almost one in four UK boarding schools provide their pupils with access to private health care via Marsh.

For parents, especially those of overseas students and boarders, the knowledge that a child who falls ill or is injured at school is protected by rapid access to high quality health care provision is about more than insurance – it is about peace of mind.

We arrange insurance for pupils at over 200 independent schools in the UK. Enabling them to provide affordable access to high quality medical insurance.

The scheme enables schools to strengthen the range of services they provide to parents – leaving them secure in the knowledge that their children’s health is well catered for should the worst happen.

Key features include:

  • Pre-existing conditions covered – no previous medical history required.
  • Full payment for hospital charges such as accommodation, theatre charges, intensive care.
  • Specialist MRI network – MRI, CT and PET scans paid in full.
  • 24-hour health-line offering medical information and guidance.
  • No overall maximum benefit limit in any one year, although there are set limits for certain benefits.
  • Out-patient therapies, including physiotherapy.


The private medical insurance for pupils scheme enables schools to offer flexible, affordable medical insurance, and access to professional care – to give parents peace of mind.