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Manage Your Real Estate Risks on the Right Foundations with Benchmarking

As governments step up vaccination efforts in order to help their economies recover, more employers are planning to have their workforces return to the physical workplace, but employees are resisting such shifts. The onus is now on employers to provide safe office environments with value-added features, such as sustainability-driven, wellness-enhancing and collaborative spaces, resulting in a flight to quality in real estate to encourage employees to return to offices.

However, such office redesigns and reconfigurations involve additional costs. The rising insurance rates also add to the pressure for commercial properties to be more resilient against emerging risks while containing costs.

Watch the video to find out how holistic risk management strategies can help property owners manage their risks on the right foundations with benchmarking:

Our Asia-focused proprietary data is drawn from across the region. This allows for benchmarking against peers in the Real Estate industry, taking into consideration policy limits and deductibles, as well as claims trends.

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