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Immediately access cargo coverage and the support of your entire Marsh team through the MarshCargo platform.


Instant access to policy terms and conditions allows your organization to share information in real-time and efficiently manage your cargo risks.


Drive better business decisions with easy access to your Marsh team in the event of a claim.


Manage complex business processes across multiple locations in a single, holistic platform.

MarshCargo is a cloud-based account management system designed to manage traditional cargo insurance policies and shippers’ interest programs, where the program structure may be more complex and involve multiple countries, divisions, insurers, claims administrators, and/or captives.

MarshCargo provides:

  • Online access to policy terms and conditions, which allows your organization to share information in real-time and efficiently manage your cargo risks.
  • Confirmation of shipment information, upon entry, for compliance with policy parameters (including vessel validation through the Informa Vessel Database), allowing Marsh to monitor, notify you, and proactively adjust your cargo insurance requirements.
  • Customized coverage, which can include special rates and/or conditions on particular commodities, customers, shipping routes, or geographical areas.
  • Access to your shipment information, combined with shipment validation features, which reassures cargo markets that your shipment activity is being closely monitored, making it more attractive to insurers.

Claims management

The electronic submission and acknowledgment of claims ensures that incidents are addressed quickly and efficiently, while allowing you to monitor the claim’s status online. Authorized parties can easily upload documents required for the claim process. Sensitive documents can be restricted to only those parties needing access.

Global real-time access to claims procedures and to worldwide claims settling agents, allows you, your operating divisions/subsidiaries, and your customers to obtain quick instructions on what to do and who to contact in the event of a claim — anywhere in the world.

Why Marsh

A comprehensive approach to risk management is critical to success in the logistics and shipping industry. As a long-time partner of many of the world's best-known and complex logistics companies, Marsh can help.

Our global logistics and cargo network has 17 offices and four placement hubs worldwide, allowing us to tap into different markets to secure the best solution for your needs. We will work to creatively integrate your unique exposures into a holistic insurance and risk management framework, while also identifying emerging opportunities and challenges.

Find out how your organization can meet these challenges through the use of innovative digital cargo insurance solutions like MarshCargo.

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