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Cybersecurity in the construction industry: The risks and solutions

This report by Marsh reveals the types of cybersecurity risks facing the construction industry in Asia and the solutions available to companies.
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In recent years, Asia’s increasingly digitalised construction companies are facing more frequent and severe cybersecurity incidents that have resulted in millions of dollars of financial losses, legal liabilities, and reputational damage.

As a result, construction companies also realise that no cyber risk mitigation measure is 100% watertight, hence the need for insurance coverage to protect against losses when cybersecurity incidents occur. However, with insurers now specifying a full exclusion for cyber events under their core Construction All Risks (CAR) insurance policies, how do construction companies respond and obtain the necessary cyber coverage at competitive pricing and terms?

Essential cybersecurity risk insights for the construction industry 

Produced by Marsh construction and cyber risk experts, the ‘Cybersecurity in the Construction Industry’ report provides in-depth insight into the risks, challenges, and solutions available in addressing cyber risk exposures for construction companies in Asia and beyond.

What you’ll get from this report

  • A comprehensive overview of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities specific to the construction industry and access points for cyberattackers.
  • A list of potential impacts of cyber risk exposures for construction companies.
  • A snapshot of the current cyber insurance landscape detailing cyber policy exclusions in the CAR policy.
  • Solutions for construction companies to close their cyber risk exposure gap and important aspects of a cyber insurance policy to note.
  • Access to a complimentary self-assessment to gauge your current cyber risks and program maturity.

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