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People Risk Podcast: Managing ESG Risks

The latest edition of the Global Risk Report published by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Marsh McLennan shows that most of the risks dominating the risk landscape in the next 10 years will be of an environmental nature.

In the fifth episode of the People Risk Podcast we delve into ESG and sustainability, how it influences organisations, employees and even the recruitment process.

The episode is hosted by Helena Zikova, MMB Growth Enablement Leader, and features special guest Christopher Labrecque, who is a Sustainability Strategic Lead for Mercer and Associate Director for Sustainability for Marsh McLennan.

Key Takeaways:

  • Companies will increasingly need to adapt to ESG priorities, just as they will have to do for climate and social causes. Organisations that fail to do so will not only face increased exposure to environmental threats, but also higher cost of capital, more difficulty attracting and retaining top talent and more pushback from their clients and public.
  • ESG performance impacts workforce sentiment and can be used as a competitive advantage for employers. Top employers, as measured by employee satisfaction and attractiveness, have better ESG scores than their peers.
  • It’s normal to see geographic differences in prioritisation of ESG issues. Sustainability is also going to mean different things to different organisations, depending on where they are and what they do.

About the speaker:

Christopher Labrecque is Sustainability Strategic Lead for Mercer and Associate Director for Sustainability for Marsh McLennan.  His role involves building and delivering sustainability-consulting solutions to meet client and market needs. In this way, Chris combines the capabilities of all 4 businesses of Marsh McLennan in the areas of risk, strategy and people.  

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