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Medical professions

We offer insurance solutions to a wide range of medical professionals, tailored to meet your legal obligations and specific professional needs.

Medical professionals are exposed to a range of legal risks while performing their duties unique to their specialisation. They also face cyber, regulatory, professional liability, and civil liability risks each day.

Depending on your needs, we are able to develop digital insurance and claim solutions, including online underwriting, in a short timeframe. We also share our knowledge with you so that you can understand any changes in risk, while simultaneously providing you with relevant and innovative solutions to protect your professional and business interests. Our team of specialists, design customised insurance programmes that are fully compliant with applicable international, regional, and national regulations and legislation.

In the event of a claim, Marsh mobilizes the resources necessary to manage and resolve it quickly. We provide you with the responsiveness you need to continue your work seamlessly and remain resilient.


Civil liability insurance provides protection against third-party claims resulting from injuries and damage to people and/or property. If you are found liable, it will cover compensation for the victim.

Your Marsh broker will ensure the guarantees in your policy are fully applied. The defence of your interests is our priority.

Medical indemnity insurance will protect you in the event a claim against you results in damages being awarded to a third party due to an error made in your professional duties such as misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, surgical errors, incorrect treatment, or prescription errors among others.

Marsh can help you find tailor-made coverage to protect your specific professional interests.

Organisations handling personal and/or sensitive data can be the target of malicious hackers. As one of the market leaders in cyber risk, Marsh can assist you in managing and preventing this hazard.

The risk of business interruption, lost income due to disaster, is another major concern for medical professionals that we can help you cover.

Marsh can offer you a no obligation evaluation of your current insurance coverage. Our staff are specialists in understanding emerging risks and changes in risk that directly relate to you and your industry. We have the knowledge and solutions to best protect your interests as the risk landscape evolves.