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Risk in Context Podcast: Catastrophe and Climate Resilience

Marsh’s Renata Elias, Bev Adams, and Rich Wall discuss how companies can become more to the effects of natural catastrophes and climate change.
Palm trees blowing at hurricane

Natural catastrophes can be costly and deadly. But in seeking to become more resilient, businesses must consider not only today’s catastrophes but also the long-term effects of climate change.

This episode of Marsh’s Risk in Context podcast features Marsh’s Renata Elias, Bev Adams, and Rich Wall on how companies can become more resilient to the effects of natural catastrophes and climate change.

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Key takeaways

How businesses can protect against effects of natural catastrophes

Designing more resilient structures, implementing programs to safeguard employees, and other actions can help businesses protect against the effects of natural catastrophes while also enabling them to better respond to the long-term effects of climate change.

Risk professionals' role in addressing climate impacts

Risk professionals have an important role to play in addressing climate impacts and are well-positioned to do so given their familiarity with modeling, scenario testing, and other tools and techniques.

Focus on assessing risks to catastrophic perils

Businesses should focus on assessing their risk to catastrophic perils now while also considering how to add climate risk considerations to existing efforts.

About our speakers

Renata Elias

Renata Elias

Senior Vice President, Marsh Advisory

  • United States

Renata Elias is a Senior Engagement Lead within Marsh Advisory’s Strategic Risk Consulting Practice. She provides counsel and support to clients across a range of industries on organizational resilience including crisis management, emergency response, workplace violence, crisis communications, business continuity, pandemic response planning, reputational risk, and disaster and crisis response.

Dr. Beverley Adams

Dr. Beverley Adams

Head of Client Engagement and Consulting Director, Strategic Risk Practice

  • United Kingdom

Dr. Bev Adams leads the ESG and climate consulting services within Marsh’s Advisory practice. She is an internationally recognized specialist in property flood resilience (PFR) and adaptation, establishing Flood Re’s nationwide event response program and driving change via the UK Government’s PFR Roundtable business adoption pathway. She worked for the World Bank before joining Marsh McLennan in 2012 and has a PhD in coastal risk management from University College London.

Richmond Wall

Richmond Wall

Head of Natural Hazards Consulting, Marsh

  • United States

Richmond Wall is the Head of Natural Hazards Consulting. He leads Marsh’s CatDQ team, using his expertise in construction and engineering to develop high-quality data for Marsh’s clients to use in modeling. He has 28 years of risk management engineering experience, specializing in catastrophic natural hazards consulting, business continuity planning, and property risk control.