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Ella Mansfield

Well-Being, Health & Safety Manager, Pacific Region | Sydney

  • Job Title: Well-Being, Health & Safety Manager, Pacific Region
  • Business: Legal, Compliance & Risk
  • Office Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Joined Marsh: February 2019
  • Hometown: Toronto, Australia
  • Education:
    • Bachelor of Psychology (honors) with University of New England, Australia
    • Currently studying for Masters in Business Psychology at the University of Newcastle, Australia
    • Registered rehabilitation counsellor
    • Accredited Mental Health First Aid instructor
  • Interests: Anything to do with music, including choirs and musical theatre productions  

Meet Ella

I am a Well-Being, Health & Safety Manager for the Pacific region. My day-to-day at Marsh McLennan involves ensuring that our interactions, buildings, and equipment remain safe for our colleagues by completing risk assessments and safety audits; supporting colleagues and leaders with health and safety-related issues or enquiries; overseeing the management of any work-related injuries that may occur; curating, creating and delivering well-being content for the Pacific Region; and promoting the importance of a positive well-being and safety culture across the region.

Having come from the consultancy arm of our business, working for both Marsh Advisory and Mercer Marsh Benefits previously, I have a very tangible understanding of the challenges and pressures our colleagues face daily. In my current role, I have a unique opportunity to support and give back to my colleagues in the Pacific, with the ultimate goal of creating and maintaining safe spaces at Marsh McLennan, both physically and mentally.

Marsh has a learning culture. Tell us about something new you learned recently.

I love learning new things, and the learning culture at our firm supports me in being a perpetual student of life.

Recently, I traveled to some of our New Zealand and Fiji offices to run our Marsh McLennan Pacific Mental Health Responder training. This included teaching colleagues how to care for their mental health, create psychologically safe spaces, and respond to a mental health crisis. Not only did I learn about these beautiful cultures through the lens of our local colleagues, but the knowledge I gained during my travels has helped me contextualize my role and how I can better support our colleagues across the region.

How does your work support Marsh in being the Risk Advisor of the Future?

There is an old saying, "You cannot pour from an empty cup.” In the context of Marsh McLennan, we very much pour from our cups into those of our clients. Our work is dedicated to supporting our clients' goals and needs by giving our time, energy, and knowledge. For our people to present the best versions of themselves during client interactions and provide market-leading care and solutions, they need to feel healthy, safe, and well. Their cups need to be full. Colleagues require the skills, tools, and resources to refill their cups so they can continue doing this important work.

We are considered trusted experts in our field of Risk Advisory services. For us to be taken seriously as experts and market leaders, it’s important that we take our own advice when it comes to risk prevention – walking the walk. Having internal support, such as myself and our Health & Safety team across the globe, whose responsibility is to take care of colleagues' health, safety, and well-being, is our commitment to that.

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. Why is this topic important to you? How have you helped raise awareness about the importance of mental well-being?

Over my career, I have seen first-hand the detrimental effect unhealthy workplaces can have on an individual’s mental health, and the outcomes are devastating and avoidable. Providing education, breaking down the stigma around mental health, and teaching our colleagues to lean into courageous conversations is my small way of keeping the people around me safe and well.

As a mum of three teenage boys, I am inspired every day to work hard to make the world a kinder place for them, especially knowing that men’s mental health and suicide rates are frighteningly high.

My favorite quote from Simon Sinek is ‘”Be the leader you wish you had.” This quote has become my mission statement. There were times early on in my career when I needed leaders who were committed to keeping their people psychologically safe, modelled active self-care, and weren't afraid to lean into the discomfort for the betterment of their teams or the people in their care. That is the leader I want to be for others.

How do you bring your “whole self to work”?

Bringing your whole self to work is about celebrating vulnerability as a strength. It’s being willing to be transparent and authentic, even when it feels uncomfortable. When we model vulnerability as a value, we send a clear message to the people around us that it's safe for them to do the same.

Being vulnerable means I talk about my wins and losses, strengths and weaknesses openly. I am not afraid to be a learner; I own my mistakes and ask for help when needed. I am able to be open about my challenges of having ADHD. I talk openly about the strategies I have developed to support my brain in the corporate world while acknowledging that I am still learning about my diagnosis and don't have all the answers.

One of the best things I did when coming on board with Marsh McLennan Pacific was volunteering my time to our Mental Health @ Marsh McLennan resource group. I have been a member of the group now for almost four years. I contribute to the broader business through the delivery of training on topics like building your psychological immunity, minding your mindset, creating psychologically safe spaces, mental health awareness training, and providing my own personal experience. I've participated in colleague panel discussions about breast cancer, creating inclusion for LGBTQ+ youth, suicide awareness, and the list goes on.

My greatest hope is that by pushing myself out of my comfort zone, tapping into a bit of courage, and being my full, unedited, and authentic self, I might inspire someone else to do the same. 

Recognizing World Mental Health Day

Join us in observing World Mental Health Day. At Marsh, we believe that inclusion and diversity are core to our purpose of protecting and promoting possibility.