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Sam Stribling

Senior Engagement Lead - Risk Innovation & Quantification | Atlanta

  • Job Title: Senior Engagement Lead
  • Business: Risk Innovation & Quantification  
  • Office Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Joined Marsh: July 2022
  • Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Education: University of Georgia – Risk Management; Emory University - MBA
  • Interests and Hobbies: Cooking, outdoors, quality time with family and friends

Meet Sam

I focus on making clients successful in their use of data and systems. My personal specialty is Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS). Our group, RiskIQ, assists with vendor selections (RFPs), implementations, ongoing system support, system enhancements, and analytics. In other words, I make the company’s network work properly and efficiently for the business and also from a risk management perspective. This allows clients to predict trends, allocate resources where needed, and mitigate risks by creating reports and tools for their “boots on the ground” workers.

Marsh has a learning culture. Tell us about something new you learned recently. How did you learn it?

I recently learned how to build a public site for data intake. I designed and built a public site to capture newly hired physicians’ information. How it works is that once the information is captured and approved, the site then provides their Certificate of Insurance and subsequently adds them to the active policy. I learned this by reading open-source documentation and then applying that knowledge in the client's test environment before rolling it out into production.

How does your work support Marsh in being the Risk Advisor of the Future?

I view my role as at the cutting edge of risk technology. Our group works to deliver simple but effective solutions across a wide variety of systems and platforms.

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. Why is this topic important to you? How have you helped raise awareness about the importance of mental wellbeing?

This topic is very close to my heart as I was personally impacted by a close friend taking their own life. This experience led me and some of our close friends to start a charity called Heads Up for Harry (HU4H) in honor of our late friend, Harrison Willingham. Our goal is to raise awareness of mental illness in young adults and work to erase the stigma commonly associated with depression and other mental ill-health.

We hold various events to support the organization's programming and operations. For example, we’ve hosted speakers and coordinated Heads Up for Harry-led panel discussions at local high schools in Atlanta. Our speakers bring personal stories and experiences of their journey in supporting their mental health and how to support the same in family and friends.

Looking to the future, we hope to work with established organizations that aim to expand their mental health programming among the young adults and families they serve. With mental health being an important topic in today’s world, more organizations are looking to make mental health programming a part of their work, and Heads up for Harry is a willing partner for the community.

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Recognizing World Mental Health Day

Join us in observing World Mental Health Day. At Marsh, we believe that inclusion and diversity are core to our purpose of protecting and promoting possibility.