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Our group seeks to create and maintain an inclusive culture where LGBTA+ colleagues can feel fully supported and to demonstrate our company's ethos to attract and retain best talent.

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Our LGBTQ+ network partners with our operating companies to create and maintain an inclusive culture within our MMC workplace, where LGBTQ+ colleagues can feel fully supported regardless of their LGBTQ+ status to demonstrate our companies' ethos to attract, retain best talent.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Ensuring LGBTQ+ colleagues have the platform and 'safe space' environment to speak as openly and freely about their lives as non LGBTQ+ colleagues.
  • Being seen as the access point for all knowledge, resources and commentary regarding LGBTQ+ issues within the workplace.
  • Providing welcoming and inclusive networking opportunities to encourage LGBTQ+ inclusion across MMC.
  • Raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues in the workplace.

Key achievements so far:

  • Undertaking Marsh UK's first submission of the Stonewall Equality Index in 2019.
  • Pride committee members joining a project team to support the review of HR polices to ensure the inclusivity of all Marsh policies and benefits.
  • Supporting the implementation of a 'Transitioning in the Workplace' policy.
  • Producing and presenting inclusive language training for all colleagues.
  • Hosting numerous educational events for MMC colleagues around the world to highlight and discuss key LGBTQ+ issues and challenges.
  • Collaborate with other Marsh Colleague Resource Groups to create inclusive intersectional events.

Plans for the future

  • Continue to educate colleagues on LGBTQ+ issues through Lunch & Learns and Inclusive Language Training.
  • Provide clear and informative communications to our network.
  • Continual engagement with the UK Executive Committee, HR and TLI teams to promote D&I at Marsh.
  • Add value to our clients by supporting them on their own LGBTQ+ inclusion strategies.
  • Extend invites to clients for training and/or panel discussions on LGBTQ+ related issues.
  • Engage with LGBTQ+ focused charities to promote and support their causes.
  • Encourage the Marsh LGBTQ+ colleague network to volunteer for LGBTQ+ causes.
  • Engage with industry LGBTQ+ networks to promote D&I within our industry.

Colleagues speak about their reason for participation and the difference the group has made across Marsh:

"I joined Pride because one of my children is in the LGBTQ+ community. It is my responsibility as a parent to try and make the world a better place for my children. I see a direct correlation between working to educate myself and expand my own knowledge of LGBTQ+ issues and my ability to act as an effective ally and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. If I can then share some of what I have learnt with others, then I am fulfilling that responsibility of improving the world for my children."
— Fleur Morris-Brown, MMC London
"I joined the Marsh LGBTQ+ colleague resource group to create awareness of issues that still existing for members of the LGBTQ+ community in and out of the workplace. This group is helping to shape the culture for all colleagues at Marsh and support the education of others to create an inclusive environment for all."
— Sapphire Kalinski, Marsh London
"I support PRIDE because the LGTBQ+ community is still marginalised in some sectors of society. The difference this group makes to Marsh is critical in attracting and retaining talent and creating an open, diverse and inclusive culture."
— Natalie Walker, Marsh
"I originally joined Pride@Marsh, as whilst an LGBTQ+ employee network should not be needed, there is still inequality and prejudice in the workplace. I believe it is important to provide a support network to LGBTQ+ colleagues, as well as work with senior management to foster an inclusive culture within the business."
— David Mayl, Marsh London
"I joined the Marsh LGBTQ+ network to become a more active ally to the LGBTQ+ community. The Group has raised awareness and education with Marsh thus increasing the conversation and inclusivity."
— Sarah Lodge, Marsh Leeds

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