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Marsh UK 2023 Construction Summit - The Future of Risk

London, 29 November 2023

The UK construction industry is on the cusp of significant change. To achieve sustainable growth, the industry will need to seize the opportunities presented by innovations and technology. However, these opportunities and changes in working practices come with new risks. Additionally, both new and existing risks will likely be exacerbated by the global risk landscape, including economic, environmental, and social trends. 

During the Marsh UK 2023 Construction Summit – The Future of Risk, held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Ten Trinity Square in November, leaders and specialists offered insights and advice on how to navigate these developments to key clients and prospects across the industry.   

Marsh Specialty’s Global Head of Construction, Richard Gurney, provided an overview of the global construction risk landscape. This was a pertinent backdrop for QBE International’s Chief Underwriting Officer, Nick Hankin’s analysis of the insurance challenges and risks facing the construction market. 

We also heard from Rain Newton-Smith, Chief Executive of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), who spoke on the need to integrate competitive actions and strategies relating to global goals, such as net zero and the energy transition, in order to secure a sustainable future for the industry. According to Newton-Smith, both the UK Government and businesses will need to play their part to achieve this. 

The sessions explored the impact of AI, cyber, and climate change on construction and took deep dives into mental health among construction workers and the need for resilience within the industry. Below are some of the key talking points from these sessions.

On AI in construction:

  • Anne-Marie Lamb, Director of Manufacturing and Industry at Google Cloud, shared insights into the new technologies transforming the construction industry.
  • According to predictions, AI has the potential to increase profits in the construction industry by 71%.
  • Installing AI into construction practices and processes can alter risk profiles – particularly from a cyber perspective.

On cyber in construction:

  • Today’s building sites are heavily reliant on technology, with the increasing adoption of digitalisation and autonomous machinery into the environment.
  • These technological changes, alongside multiple building blocks and a transient workforce, are making the construction industry more susceptible to cyber threats.
  • To minimise cyber risk, resilience needs to be built into a construction company’s business, people, and strategy. 

On people risk in construction:

  • UK construction workers are feeling the pressure of intense workloads and a poor work-life balance. 
  • Nearly half of UK construction workers have taken time off due to unmanageable stress. 
  • Improving mental wellbeing among construction workers means more than better productivity and a resilient bottom line; it’s about protecting a company’s most valuable asset – its people. 

For a deeper dive into these themes read our article series below.

Marsh UK 2023 Construction Summit – The Future of Risk

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