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Understand and Govern Your Risks

Bringing deep industry insights, backed by data, to help organizations assess their major risks, risk profile, and how to better navigate the risk management lifecycle.

What are my risks? How big are they, where do they come from, and how are they interrelated? What are the potential losses and the sources of those losses? How can I better govern my risks?

Wherever your organization is at in the risk lifecycle, Marsh’s team of Advisory specialists and innovative digital solutions can help you create a robust risk management strategy. We collaborate with you to better understand your organization’s risks — no matter the industry or location — and help you develop programs to manage your risks more effectively.

We leverage data on your key exposures to help you optimize your approach to risk and insurance, including typical losses in your industry. Marsh’s claims database, with US$300 billion in aggregate claims from dozens of countries around the world and more than 20 industries, is unmatched. Using insights from our data, we can deliver a more complete picture of current and emerging trends. These insights can help you better understand your risks as you navigate the risk lifecycle and build resilience.

Marsh’s Advisory team provides key resources, service areas, and solutions, including:

  • Claims Analysis: We help you assess your claims experience in recent years, including your average claim amount, along with larger claims and other outliers. We help you define and evaluate what has been a “good” or “bad” year from your perspective.
    • Blue[i] Claims Analytics: We leverage an enormous amount of data — including public, private, and in-house company records, along with regional or market-specific information — to help you achieve favorable outcomes, reduce costs, and help you get the most out of your claims program.
  • Risk Quantification: We combine your loss experience and exposures, tailored loss scenarios, and our industry information to produce a model for a broad range of potential risks, such as property, casualty cyber, D&O, or employers’ liability, that you could face over the next year and beyond.
    • Blue[i] D&O Analytics: Our unmatched team of specialists provides critical insights that can help you understand your litigation exposure across multiple scenarios and build an insurance program that better protects your organization and its directors and officers.
    • Cyber Analytics: We help bring clarity into the impact of your cybersecurity and risk transfer investments, utilizing cross-enterprise, data-driven insights, which can enable you to make better decisions on allocating cyber risk capital and maximizing return on investment.
  • Blue[i] Property Analytics: Our digital solution adapts with your property portfolio as it changes, presenting a singular place to view risks and exposures, quantify risk, and assess mitigation, retention, and transfer options by feeding data directly into other analytic solutions on our platform. These solutions include hazard scores, natural catastrophe modeling, and Risk Finance Optimization.
  • Blue[i] Casualty Analytics: Our digital solution allows you to more readily identify opportunities to minimize your total cost of casualty risk while tailoring your program to your organization’s needs.
  • Natural Catastrophe Analytics: We consider your individual asset exposure — where it’s located, how it’s constructed, what it looks like, as well as seismological data, physical data, and more — to create models to understand your exposure to natural catastrophes.
    • Natural Catastrophe Modeling: We can help you better understand your exposures to catastrophic natural hazards with catastrophe modeling, including risk mapping, hazard stratification, and quantification of expected losses, often the very same data that underwriters use to define loss expectancies and the resulting premium for catastrophe coverage.
    • Blue[i] Property Analytics: We provide a singular place to view risks and exposures, quantify risk, and assess mitigation, retention, and transfer options across your property portfolio by feeding data directly into other analytics solutions on our platform.

We act as a trusted adviser in the face of change, helping clients better anticipate future challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities through proactive risk advice that builds resilience and confidence.

With Marsh’s globally consistent approach and proprietary technology, you can develop a sound strategy that aligns with your business objectives and is designed to effectively manage critical exposures and lower your total cost of risk.

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