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Resilience Advisory

Are you ready for the next crisis? We can help.


Gain visibility into your organization’s risks and, crucially, how they could disrupt your strategic objectives.


Ensure your resilience strategy reflects your unique operating and work environment, work culture, and commercial priorities.


Improve your ability to manage and emerge from crises through your people — their awareness, confidence, and capabilities.

Resilience can, and should, become a lever to achieving your commercial goals. An ability to foresee risks, prepare for worst-case scenarios, and adapt though planning rooted in realism is critical in today’s ever-changing risk environment. It is important to build readiness and organizational robustness to better position you to respond to significant events, weather changing market conditions, and, ultimately, emerge stronger from disruption.

Our approach reflects the increasingly complex, volatile, and diverse challenges faced by organizations by combining disciplines to build genuine, enterprise-wide resilience. Broadly, this spans:

  • Emergency management: safeguarding and protecting life and assets
  • Crisis management: executing a whole of business strategy to minimize operational and reputational impact
  • Business continuity: understanding and mitigating operational disruption, with a focus on recovery
  • Supply chain risks: identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks in the end-to-end supply chain

We work with you to assess the challenge at hand across the full breadth of these disciplines. Throughout this process, our focus is on embedding practical, integrated resilience, often bringing together disparate functions. Our tried and tested approach has effectively helped organizations facing cybersecurity, reputational, geopolitical, and environmental risks.

Based on our vast experience with clients, the outcomes you can expect include: effective response arrangements, ready to be activated; a team that can confidently and quickly help establish control during the inherent chaos of a crisis; and the ability to bring your organization back to business as usual in the shortest possible time.

Why Marsh

Our approach to helping build resilience through enterprise risk strategy and management has helped clients across multiple industries, including oil and energy, financial services, retail, professional services, fast-moving consumer goods, mining, and many more. Whether your company is in the early stages of exploring resilience strategy planning or has an established framework in place, Marsh’s Advisory team can help develop a program to meet your organization’s precise needs.

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