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Unlocking Possibility in the Manufacturing Industry

World-class insight, fit-for-size solutions and expertise from key sector specialists in the manufacturing industry are tailored with a personal touch to help you find better ways to manage your risk, optimise your spend, protect your people, and support your growth.

Managing your risk and insurance program can be made easy with the right guidance. Leaders in the manufacturing industry optimise their insurance spending by learning from best practices, case studies and guidance through their own industry lens in the Middle East and Africa.

We don’t only advise on insurance – we specialise - and we’re here to help you, your business and your community thrive on new possibilities.

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How much of a hold do you have over your insurance plans and spending in 2022?

How Marsh Middle East and Africa can help

To limit the loss of earnings due to interruptions to your operations, we can help you to see around corners by:

  • Understanding your operations and providing you with data-backed insights into potential causes of business disruption
  • Stress testing your organization's business continuity plans and operational resilience
  • Developing effective risk transfer and management strategies
  • Identifying your business interruption losses and costs, and advocating for appropriate recovery from insurers.

Our team of cyber specialists can help you protect your business against cyber risks by:

  • Understanding your cyber risk and business context
  • Measuring the financial impact of potential cyber incidents
  • Managing your risk with actionable steps to secure, insure, and recover
  • Achieving higher cyber security maturity.

We can provide review your operations through an ESG lens to help understand how it influences you approach to managing risk:

  • Analyzing the evolving risk environment
  • Preparing you to address future risks resilient
  • Assisting you communicate to insurers an external perspective on policies and performance.

Protecting Businesses. Unlocking Possibility

150 years of Global Expertise. 43 years of local Experience.


in-house Claims Advisors in MENA.


Specialised Risk Experts addressing your business risks.


Data Analytics Experts helping clients optimise their insurance spending.