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Marsh’s Motor Practice brings a global expertise to insurance solutions in order to manage and minimise risk for your company fleet.

Our specialist team manages an array of clients with fleets, ranging from company cars to public transport.

Company fleets come with their own specific risk profile and Marsh’s Motor Practice helps clients to find the most relevant insurance solution. We offer a global network of advisers dedicated exclusively to the motor industry and company fleets, ensuring that every type of risk is analysed and managed, and each clients’ risk profile is evaluated in order to contain or even reduce fleet costs.

Our clients can benefit from a wide range of expertise related to company fleets, and we have reduced the cost of risk for a variety of fleet types such as: passenger cars, buses, large and small trucks, bulk liquid transporters, dry freight haulers, and intermodal operations. Controlling a client’s risk is the foundation of our business. We help our clients effectively minimise and manage their organisations’ fleet operations risk.

Our Practice specialises in insurance placement and renewal processes as it partners with a client in assessing current safety management practices and implementing formal safety action plans that are known to reduce auto liability losses and associated workers’ compensation claims.

A complementary claims service shapes itself according to clients’ needs, from a traditional set-up right down to a flexible structure based on levels of vehicle insurance and close monitoring of frequency and size of claims.

And thanks to a dynamic collaboration with Marsh Risk Consulting, our Practice specialises in tailor-made plans aimed at reducing accidents caused by the driver or by the vehicle itself, training programmes which utilise computer simulations, creating a selection criteria for drivers, analysing the particulars of accidents, developing a preventive maintenance programme, and a procedure in order to carry out a sort of health check for the vehicle fleet.

Marsh’s Motor Practice offers a differentiated service, with specialists dedicated to the industry – including operations managers and safety directors – and a focus on continuous improvement and long-term partnerships with clients in order to provide customised solutions.