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Liability challenges throughout a product’s lifecycle are unique, and a product recall can devastate a company’s reputation and profitability.

Strategically-based global specialist product recall brokers offer broad support for your organization.

Product liability risks are increasing for many firms, given the tendency to source components or food ingredients from parts of the world lacking strong regulatory oversight. If something goes wrong, a product liability event can affect a company’s brand, reputation and stock price.

Product safety has had significant media exposure for the better part of the past decade and the potential impact of a product recall is considerable, with significant losses in market share, damage to brand name and reputation, significant legal costs and reconditioning and recuperation costs. EU legislative requirements and a lack of clear analysis of the main operational risks within your organization can too affect your product portfolio.

In terms of product liability, globalization and the consolidation of industries mean that claims in general are getting bigger, and often span multiple jurisdictions. In addition, the fusion of business and technology continues to increase exposures, making it ever more critical for manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to ensure they have product liability insurance in place.

At Marsh, we provide a broad range of support to you, from historical insurance policy analysis, collection, organization, and analysis of claim information, identification and organization of unallocated expenses right down to loss allocation modelling, design of settlement schemes and negotiation with insurers, and the creation or enhancement of insurance billing systems.

The dangers of an ill-managed product recall can be devastating to your reputation. At Marsh we can provide solutions for you anywhere in the supply chain, for a vast range of products. Our aim is to help identify the most appropriate trigger for your product and then design a suitable product recall program to satisfy your needs.

Managing this risk, a range of key insurance policies available on a standalone basis are available. These vary from the likes of contaminate products insurance, automotive recall insurance, pharmaceutical recall insurance to restaurant, consumer goods, packaging companies and product guarantee products.

In addition to the standard cover, you may also benefit from a crisis response service at no extra cost. Specialist product recall consultants are available 24 hours a day to help you manage and mitigate the impact of an incident in the early stages of a crisis. This is part of an overall Marsh 14-point recall strategy which initiates with the assessment and implementation phases, providing a world-class recall strategy, before moving onto specialist assignments – with tailor-made solutions for each and every specific issue – and the aforementioned live recall response.