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Le risque, concrètement

Les blogs d’actualités de nos experts en risque et assurance traitent des problématiques et des tendances qui influent sur vos activités – et vos résultats financiers.

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Managing Governance and Financial Risks Arising from Benefit Plans

Posted by Kevin Kinsella on Mardi, 27 Avril 2021

Benefits offered can be impacted by poor plan design and rising cost. Firms can protect their people, reputations and bottom lines by a risk management approach.

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Three Steps to Keep Health and Benefits Plan Costs Under Control

Posted by Celine Ng Tong on Mardi, 27 Avril 2021

Mounting employee benefit costs mean companies must balance costs with managing people risks. Learn three steps to help protect employees and stay on budget.

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Organizations must Prioritize Environmental and Social Risks

Posted by Amy Laverock on Mardi, 27 Avril 2021

Firms that fail to support diversity, equity, and inclusion or neglect climate change face reputational risk, legislative challenges, or falling share prices.

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25 Risks HR, Risk Managers, and Business Leaders must Tackle Together

Posted by on Mardi, 27 Avril 2021

People can pose a significant business risk if not properly managed. HR and risk management together can protect, equip, and motivate this critical asset.

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Making Sure Talent Management Strategies Mitigate Workforce Risks

Posted by Mike Young on Mardi, 27 Avril 2021

Companies must revisit their talent management while protecting against heightened risks in areas such as misconduct and lack of succession planning.

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Managing Workforce Health and Well-being must be a Top Priority

Posted by Darren Holmes on Mardi, 27 Avril 2021

Employee health is integral to business health. Firms must develop strategies to protect their workforce’s physical, social, mental, and financial well-being.

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Six Questions That Help Firms Keep Pace With Accelerated Digitization

Posted by Matt Duffy on Mardi, 27 Avril 2021

To keep pace with digitization, HR and risk managers must address business risks such as cybersecurity, digital delivery of benefits, and technology skills gaps.

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Ever Given Grounding: Suez Canal Closure Highlights Marine Industry Risks

Posted by Stephen Harris on Vendredi, 26 Mars 2021

The grounding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal presents a challenge that may not be resolved quickly, snarling global marine traffic at a time when supply chains are still recovering from disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Global Risks Report 2021: 3 Priorities for Risk Professionals

Posted by Fabrice Lebourgeois Mercredi, 03 Février 2021

To thrive and edge out their competitors in a volatile environment, organizations need to look at risk in a new light.

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COVID-19: The Impact on the Cargo Industry

Vendredi, 13 Mars 2020

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on supply chains will affect the cargo industry and could leave cargo owners and carriers less insured than they imagine.

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