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Asia and Global Technology Risk Study 2023

Peer insights: Resetting risk management priorities amidst economic uncertainty

Confidently navigate the complex technology industry risk landscape with peer insights and expert recommendations from Marsh’s Asia and Global Technology Industry Risk Study 2023. Download the 2023 edition of the reports to uncover technology firms’ top risk concerns and leverage the expert insights to refine your risk management and insurance program.

Understand the spectrum of risks facing Asia's tech sector.

A snapshot of how the top risk concerns in Asia differs from global:

Top 10 risks for tech companies in Asia vs. Global

Given Asia’s key role in global technology manufacturing and ongoing supply chain volatility, almost 7 in 10 technology companies in the region responding to the survey expressed greatest concern over contingent business interruption (CBI) and supply chain risk, versus 4 in 10 of technology companies globally. 

Reputational risk is also rising in prominence in Asia amidst increasing scrutiny from multiple stakeholders, rising from 10th to 3rd place in the list of highest concern. This is followed by product recall risk, with risk concerns among Asia’s tech firms 31% higher than the global average.

In the wake of the global pandemic, technology companies in Asia have to cope with competing priorities and short and long-term challenges that adversely impact their growth and survival. 

  • How to respond to new top risk concerns such as contingent business interruption, supply chain disruption, and reputational risk?
  • How to deal with rising and costly product recall risk and intensifying global war for talent? 
  • Amidst inflation and insurance capacity constraints, what risk mitigation and transfer strategies should technology companies consider? 
  • Is there a need for companies to reset priorities and risk management strategy amidst economic uncertainty?

Download Marsh’s Asia and Global Technology Industry Risk Study 2023 reports  for actionable insights and recommendations to these pertinent questions.

Download your free copy of the Asia and Global Technology Industry Risk Study 2023 and optimise your risk management decisions today.

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Asia Technology Risk Study 2023

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