LINQ: On-demand access to your risk portfolio and insurance program

Managing an increasingly complex risk landscape does not need to be a complicated task. Simplify your workflow with LINQ, our next-generation digital client platform that provides you with on-demand access to all of your business insurance information for easy and effective management. Request a demo of LINQ’s capabilities today.

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Are you currently requesting your policy details via email and telephone? Would you like to have access to a consolidated view of your account? Are your insurance programs optimised to your organisation’s evolving risk profile and budgets?

Effective risk management does not need to be tedious and time-consuming, no matter how complex your program structure may be — LINQ is here to help. With useful at-a-glance data and insights that are accessible 24/7, LINQ provides you with complete visibility over your business insurance programs and risk portfolio at the click of a button.

Available to all Marsh clients, LINQ is a proprietary one-stop, highly secure and free-of-charge1 tool for your risk management journey.

Empower better risk decision-making with LINQ

Saving time is just one benefit. LINQ also enables you to make more informed decisions backed by data-driven insights, generated via analytics on the platform. We can help you optimise risks for your portfolio by looking at market trends and provide peer benchmarking information for your industry.

Your risk management journey with LINQ

linq insurance program risk management journey infographic

Get started on LINQ:

  • Gain access to your insurance policies, premiums and invoices 24/7.
  • View accurate data and actionable insights on your coverage.
  • Easily compile and export data and analytics information, including insurance program spend and outcomes, for reporting to your stakeholders.

Manage your account:

  • Access market data to manage your global insurance programs via the Global Connect module.
  • Notify losses and monitor claims to understand loss trends with the Claims Analytics module. (Coming soon.)
  • Collaborate easily with your Marsh representative via barrier-free, two-way communication.

Have an informed renewal:

  • Visualise property risks and exposures to identify coverage gaps with the Property Analytics module. (Broker-assisted.)
  • Assess your cybersecurity controls and improve insurability with the Cyber Self-Assessment module.
  • Optimise your total cost of risk by calibrating your policy limits, retentions and premiums with the Risk Finance Optimisation module. (Broker-assisted.)

Enhance your insurance program and risk portfolio management today

Leverage the power of LINQ now and start managing your insurance programs and risk portfolio with ease. Simply fill in the form below to request a demo from our LINQ experts.

1 -  Access to LINQ is free-of-charge, but some analytics services are chargeable.