The New Risk Order: Cyber Resilience

Marsh India’s Webinar Series, Excelling in Insurance and Risk Management, brings you global best practices and technical know-how that help you understand and prepare for New-Normal risks. 

One such issue are cyber risks. With more and more companies adopting work-from-home policies, their digital assets are exposed to new cyber risks. COVID-19-themed phishing emails and malware are on the rise, increasing exposure from within. 

Marsh India organised a session led by Thomas Regan, Cyber Practice Leader, USA, and Magda Chelly, Head, Cyber Risk Consulting, Marsh Asia, along with other Marsh experts who shared insights on the following issues: 

  • Importance of a credible cybersecurity strategy
  • Balancing security, privacy, and flexibility
  • Effective ways to better resilience in an uncertain world 
  • Cyber Insurance Overview

Listen to the webcast to learn more about these risk issues.

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