COVID-19: Utilities – Pandemic Recovery and Outlook - Webcast Replay

Webcast replay: will organisations see a lasting impact on staffing, revenue, and customer experience, leading to a review of operations and business models.

On Thursday 9 July, Marsh hosted a special COVID-19 webcast discussing whether organisations will see the lasting impact from the COVID-19 pandemic from multiple sources, including staffing, revenue, and customer experience leading to a review of operations and business models. A replay of the webcast is now available to watch.

On the webcast, our panellists provided an overview of the insurance market's response to the pandemic, including likely coverage and legal liabilities. We also discussed risk considerations, including crisis recovery and how organisations are responding to threats across the entire risk spectrum. Lastly, we discussed the importance to ensuring legal compliance in return to work, and claims defensibility considerations.

Watch the Replay