Data Protection Breaches and Vicarious Liability

Adherence to data protection legislation remains a key consideration for organisations. The wide reach of data protection remains in sharp focus — in large part due to the Supreme Court granting Morrisons a right to appeal the outcome of its data breach case. The potential for employers to face far-reaching consequences in the event of a data breach currently hangs in the balance.

According to the Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO’s) recent report on the impact of the European Union’s (EU’s) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there has been a significant up-tick in the reporting of data breaches. As the Morrisons case demonstrates, it is essential that businesses keep pace with the increases to exposure in this evolving environment.

This Marsh adviser looks at:

  • The increase in exposure of employers’ liability for data protection.
  • Your available coverage options.
  • Coverage for data protection fines and penalties.
  • Brexit and data protection legislation.

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