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Delving deep into Cyber & Sustainability at FERMA Seminar in Antwerp


Cyber and sustainability are undoubtedly two of the hottest topics facing businesses today.

On one side, last year’s cyber-attacks – Wannacry and Petya – were felt worldwide and demonstrated the vulnerability of organisations across the world. The increasing amount of digital data leads to new opportunities but also additional responsibilities for the companies that store and process them. Moreover, the new European regulation on data protection (GDPR) introduced fresh requirements on how organisations that do business in the EU must manage and protect personal data, while strengthening the privacy rights of individuals.

One the other side, companies are asked to act ethically to respond to societal expectations. There are growing regulatory disclosure requirements and rising expectations for companies to voluntarily report on sustainability practices. Executives must ask themselves: “How sustainable is our business, and are our strategies and operations at risk?”.

As a FERMA Partner in Excellence, Marsh will be talking cyber and sustainability in Antwerp at the biennial FERMA Seminar, an intensive education-driven two-day workshop organised by and for European risk managers.

Our experts will be present to moderate discussions on both amidst a unique exchange of ideas and experiences from chief risk officers, risk & insurance managers and those responsible for cyber, compliance and sustainability issues.

Jean Bayon de la Tour, Cyber Development Leader for Marsh Continental Europe will be a speaker for the Deep Dive into cyber insurance, a round table discussion providing managers with tools to address the purchase of cyber insurance in this evolving market.

On sustainability, Christoph Möcklinghoff, Environmental Practice Leader at Marsh France, will lead the workshop Climate change - the risk manager's contribution to adaptation to this new paradigm. Now at the forefront of business risks, business’s adaptability could prove critical to future success.

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