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I commenti dei nostri esperti di rischio e assicurazioni su tematiche e trend che possono influenzare il tuo business.


Alle Origini del Rischio Cyber

POSTED BY Andrea Bono Venerdì, 15 Settembre 2017

Gli attacchi cyber evolvono nella pericolosità e colpiscono un numero sempre più elevato di aziende. Sono molte le forme di un fenomeno dilagante che richiede azioni di prevenzione e un’adeguata tutela assicurativa.

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Petya/GoldenEye Cyber-Attack Drives New Focus on Cyber Resilience

POSTED BY Thomas Reagan Giovedì, 29 Giugno 2017

Petya/GoldenEye, the latest global ransomware cyber-attack, has hit major government agencies and operations in the Ukraine and Russia and netted companies in many industries worldwide.

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WannaCry Means GottaAct: Lessons in Ransomware’s Wake

POSTED BY Thomas Reagan Giovedì, 18 Maggio 2017

Firms need a comprehensive cyber risk management strategy to ensure a quick, effective response against ransomware and other evolving threats.

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Three ways to use the Global Risks 2017 report in your organization

POSTED BY Brian C. Elowe Giovedì, 12 Gennaio 2017

Risk professional, C-suite executive, board member – whatever your role, there is no shortage of reading material to inform your decisions. What you need is time, and maybe some suggestions on what to read.

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Global Risks report highlights geopolitical and technological risks

POSTED BY John Drzik Mercoledì, 11 Gennaio 2017

Today’s business leaders face new threats but can find new opportunities in a changing global risk landscape.

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Transactional risk insurance purchasing surges globally

POSTED BY Karen Beldy Torborg Giovedì, 28 Aprile 2016

Demand for transactional risk insurance is increasing. Marsh placed 450 policies globally in 2015, an increase of 32% year-on-year.

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Four strategies for managing global political risk in 2016

POSTED BY Evan Freely Giovedì, 21 Gennaio 2016

Despite geopolitical unrest, carriers still view political risk insurance as an attractive line of coverage.

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Need to up your risk management game? Analytics provide an answer

POSTED BY Claude Yoder Venerdì, 31 Luglio 2015

Despite the demonstrable value of analytics, many organisations are not unlocking their full potential.

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Need to Up Your Risk Management Game? Analytics Provide an Answer

POSTED BY Claude Yoder Venerdì, 31 Luglio 2015

Read Marsh’s guidance for businesses trading with Greece following its sovereign default.

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What is covered? Distinguishing among political risk, political violence, and terrorism insurance

POSTED BY Evan Freely Lunedì, 06 Luglio 2015

Read Marsh’s guidance on distinguishing between political risk, political violence, and terrorism insurance.

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