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Risk Consulting

Marsh Risk Consultants attended more than 150 mining site engagements in 2014. With more than 70 years of experience of working with clients in the mining industry, Marsh Risk Consulting (MRC) provides advice, analytics, tools, research, and solutions for a wide range of risk issues. Our goals are to build the resilience of your business by:

  • Reducing the frequency of risk events.
  • Reducing the impact of risk events.
  • Helping you better understand your risk profile and find appropriate protection.

Our dedicated professionals meet your company’s day-to-day needs. MRC offers the following services to help you manage your risk exposures:

  • Risk engineering and risk control (including specialised mining breakdown risk control services).
  • Strategic risk management.
  • Enterprise risk management (ERM).
  • Supply chain management.
  • Business analytics and risk modelling.
  • Crisis management.
  • Asset valuation.
  • Business continuity management (BCM).

Our products