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Affinity Partners & Sponsored Programs

Whether you want to take your brand further, strengthen your trade association, or build your franchise, an affinity insurance scheme could be the ideal solution.

Linking your business with our expertise can open up new opportunities. An insurance scheme, designed exclusively around your customers’, members’, and/or franchisees' interests, can enhance your own proposition and the confidence they have in you. By providing added value, you can strengthen relationships, helping you retain and attract new business. Your new scheme could also create an additional income stream by introducing a structure that will create additional revenue to you.

Setting up a bespoke scheme is easier than you think because of the resources we have at our disposal. We are one of the world's leading risk and insurance advisory specialists and have built our business by delivering highly professional and efficient services.

By taking the time to understand your business, we develop the insight that helps us define the risks that need to be covered.

The result: A bespoke solution for your business; one which meets your needs expectations.

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