Return to a New Normal

Find out how companies can focus their efforts to return employees safely, effectively and energetically.

9 ways organizations can successfully prepare for a comeback

As we enter the next phase of the pandemic and restrictions ease, people and businesses are looking for ways to return to a new normal. Where can companies focus their efforts to return employees safely, effectively and energetically? Each organization will have a unique set of questions and challenges. But so far we’ve seen distinct groups of issues companies are thinking about, which span from strategy to tactics. Building a sustainable path to return will depend on spending time on both. 

9 essentials for returning to a new normal

Whether working virtually or on-site, one thing we know is that a new shape of work will emerge. Quickening the pace towards reinvention, however, requires a concerted effort on a few essentials:

Return safely

1. Navigate a dynamic environment and ready the workplace
2. Re-examine remote, flexible and blended working
3. Delegate non-core activities to focus on priorities

Return to stability

4. Clarify priorities and realign around “the new minimum”
5. Focus on cost containment and zero-based design
6. Use transformation as an optimization strategy

Return to energy

7. Support the workforce: mentally, physically and financially
8. Reconfirm the organization’s purpose and value
9. Design an energizing employee experience