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Блог наших экспертов по рискам и страхованию, где рассматриваются основные вопросы и тенденции, влияющие на бизнес и его важнейшие финановые показатели.

Business Interruption in Today’s Technological World – Time to Rethink?

Posted by David Tate Среда, 10 Января 2018

Many retail, food and beverage businesses may not have quantified the loss of revenue if their systems were hacked or taken offline. These risks demand a new approach.

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Danger in the Aisles – a Retailer’s Liability

Posted by David Tate Среда, 18 Октября 2017

Retailers should ensure their suppliers have adequate product liability and recall insurance, and routinely check that higher-risk products are child proof. Retailers have a duty of care to keep the shopping environment as risk-free as possible.

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General Data Protection Regulation – What Does It Mean for the Retail, Food, and Leisure Industry?

Posted by David Tate Пятница, 04 Августа 2017

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the retail, food, and leisure industry must be meticulous about data security.  The regulation presents opportunity.

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Managing Tomorrow’s Supply Chain Today

Posted by David Tate Четверг, 18 Мая 2017

End-to-end supply chain visibility is critical. Build a detailed strategy across the supply chain to respond to shifts in consumer behaviour, product recalls, and unpredictive weather.  

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