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Research and Briefings

Managing Cybersecurity Threats to Airlines: Final Boarding Call


The Aviation industry is a complex and interconnected digital ecosystem – one that is made up of several key third-party service providers, suppliers, and vendors. Unfortunately, the number of touchpoints and blind spots will only continue to grow and the onus remains on the airline itself to securely handle sensitive personal data and manage the granted access of every stakeholder.

The recent spate of high-profile data breaches within the Aviation industry has increased overall awareness and concerns, but there remains a glaring gap in cyber coverage. The Aviation industry is a late adopter of cyber insurance – only one-quarter have cyber insurance. Overconfidence in existing cybersecurity can be a major impediment to the airlines’ ability to recognize that cyber insurance can serve as a backstop to a robust cybersecurity strategy and ongoing risk management.

Find out more about the steps your organization can take, both pre- and post-event, to mitigate the risks of a cyber breach.