Replay (India): The New Risk Order – Parametric Solutions

Business Woman Analyst Using KPI Data

Marsh India’s #Webinar Series, Excelling in Insurance and Risk Management, brings you global best practices and technical know-how that help you understand and prepare for New-Normal risks. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many businesses financially fragile. Another costly hit, in the form of a natural disaster or another catastrophe, can be devastating and potentially crippling. The pandemic has highlighted many potential gaps as several businesses have found their traditional insurance policies will not respond to the enormous business interruption losses they have sustained. This growing risk spectrum is piquing the interest of organisations and prompting many to add parametric solutions to their insurance portfolios. 

Our expert panel led by Ben Qin, Head of Analytics and Data Solutions, Asia Pacific, and Paul Wilkins, Managing Director, Risk Management Leader, and Chief Client Officer, Asia, talked about effective alternative risk transfer tools and evolving risk management solutions. 

Listen to the webcast to know more about Parametric Solutions and whether these tools can be the answer to the coverage gaps.

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