Jonathan Weekes

National Cyber Growth Leader (Canada), Toronto, Ontario

  • Job Title: National Cyber Growth Leader (Canada)
  • Business: US & Canada Cyber Practice
  • Office Location: Toronto
  • Joined Marsh: June 2018
  • Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • Education: Seneca College - Business Marketing; Certification in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
  • Interests: Photography, technology, community transformation




Meet Jonathan

As Marsh Canada's Cyber Growth Leader, I am responsible for developing client-specific product solutions, advising clients on issues related to cyber risk, negotiating with insurers, and educating clients and colleagues on emerging trends. I also collaborate with growth leaders across North America and the UK to develop creative solutions for Marsh clients across Canada.

Which of our Marsh shared characters - passionate, human, inquisitive, or enterprising - resonates most with you? 

Passionate. I genuinely believe in Marsh's ability to leverage our resources and the experience of our people to support our clients. By putting our best foot forward and engaging with each other to face the challenges we encounter, we can deliver results for our clients and fellow colleagues. Nothing shows Marsh pride better than a common passion for the job we perform as our authentic selves every day.

What excites you about working at Marsh?

Marsh collaborates across teams to deliver the best for our clients. We have several industry and coverage specialty groups to support clients, and we leverage this expertise to ensure we are offering the finest thinking on any given discussion or task.

Additionally, I appreciate the company’s “Grow Our Own” philosophy around developing colleagues. During my three years with Marsh, I have seen more career growth and learned more than I have with any other company I’ve worked for.

After years on the underwriting side, I joined Marsh as a VP within the Cyber practice. While the change was somewhat nerve-wracking, I always felt supported by leadership in developing my technical and soft skills. Over the past few years, and with the support of mentors, I have been promoted to SVP and subsequently the Cyber Growth Leader for Canada. I am excited to support other colleagues as they build their careers.

What do you do to make others feel included?

Welcoming and encouraging colleagues to bring their whole authentic selves to work is one of the easiest things we can do to create an environment of belonging. I find that listening, truly listening to my colleagues, and recognizing, respecting, and celebrating the ways we are alike or different, allows the opportunity for everyone to feel included. I avoid and shut down phrases like "I don't see color,” as I am of the mindset that the ways in which we differ make up part of who we are as people. Learning more about each other and removing biases will create truly inclusive and diverse workplaces and communities.