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NZ Police: Motor Vehicle

NZ Police chooses to self-insure its motor vehicle fleet. However, it is essential that claims are managed properly, and NZ Police retains an expert third party adviser, Sureplan, for this purpose. Claims should be reported directly to Sureplan as soon as possible.

Indemnity and Insurance - drivers of Police vehicles

The driver of an NZ Police vehicle is generally covered either by the Accident Compensation Act – which provides cover against claims for death and personal injury sustained by all persons - or by Police indemnity against personal liability for claims arising from an accident.

NZ Police as an employer, is vicariously liable for third-party claims for damages to property (including motor vehicles) caused by the negligence of their employees committed in the course of their employment. A third party with a right of action against a Government employee for such negligence can therefore normally be expected to sue the employer and not the employee.

Subject to the then exceptions noted below, Police will indemnify the driver of a Government vehicle against any liability on a civil claim to which they may be personally exposed by reason of the vehicle driven by the driver on an authorised journey causing damage to the property of any third party.

This indemnity does not apply where at the time of the accident the driver:

  • is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
  • while using the vehicle on a public road does not hold a current driver's licence for the type of vehicle they are driving
  • is carrying unauthorised goods, the presence of which is the sole cause or a material contributory cause of the accident, injury, or damage.

Indemnity and Insurance - private motor vehicles used for official purposes
Employees, who use their private motor vehicle for official purposes on the basis of payment of mileage allowance (duty or transfer), transport allowance, or equivalent fares, must maintain third-party property and vehicle insurance. While it is not mandatory for employees to insure their own vehicle against damage while so used they are advised to do so as Police will not accept any responsibility for damage to the vehicle.

Vehicles Operated Airside at New Zealand Airports

NZ Police have a motor insurance policy that covers third party liability only in the following situations:

  • Testing of equipment at Auckland Airport and Dunedin Airport by the Police Calibration Services Unit
  • Police operational activities airside at any airport located in New Zealand


Policy Details  
Policy number
$10,000,000 any one loss arising from the carriage of hazardous substances
$20,000,000 any other one loss
Deductible $10,000 each loss
Lumley, a business division of IAG New Zealand Limited