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Research and Briefings

What is the big deal about cyber risk?


Cyber risk is a topic that is becoming more and more prevalent – with many highly publicised cyber attacks occurring both locally and across the globe.

New Zealand’s location at the bottom of the world does not make us immune and we should certainly not be complacent about it.

There is a lot of information about cyber risk out there as well as many questions, such as, “what does cyber risk actually mean for my business” and “why should I care?”.

These questions and others have been addressed in a series of videos produced by Marsh, launched as part of Connect Smart week - the Government's National Cyber Policy Office initiative.

Along with our business partners, Connect Smart, KPMG and Delta Insurance, we have endeavoured to provide answers to some of the key questions about cyber risks.

Three videos have been developed as follows -
1. What is the big deal about cyber risk?
2. Why should I worry about cyber risk?
3. How do I minimise cyber risk in my business?

If your business is connected to the internet then you are connected to the problem.