Building A More Resilient Business

Learn how organisations are managing resilience

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other recent events have proven that some organisations are more resilient than others. But what makes these organisations different, and what steps should you and other business leaders take as a result?







To find out what behaviors, strategies, and risk management practices define a risk resilient organisation, we surveyed nearly 1,000 global clients across 30+ diverse industries.

While each organisation faced unique challenges, the results remained the same: a risk resilient organisation is defined by its ability to both foresee future challenges – and capitalise on opportunities – to successfully balance risk with reward.

What is the Marsh Risk Resilience Diagnostic?

To better support and inform our clients’ resiliency planning, we developed the Marsh Risk Resilience Diagnostic. The Marsh Risk Resilience Diagnostic is a tool that analyses the impact and interrelation of emerging risks across an organisation’s complete value chain. It provides increased visibility into exposures – and identifies gaps in preparedness vs. perception of preparedness.

Your journey to resilience – 4 steps all businesses should implement

While gaps in preparedness vs. perception of preparedness leave organisations vulnerable to immediate and long-term disruptions of their business operations, assets, and revenue streams, the path towards resilience involves four common steps and behaviors.

To learn the four key steps towards building a more resilient business, download the Marsh Risk Resilience Report.

Why download the report? Learn:

  • A clear and actionable definition of resilience
  • The impacts of the emerging risk landscape on core business areas
  • Six emerging risks and their potential impact on your organisation
  • The four steps you work towards building resilience

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