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Cleanup Information and Claims Support for “Petya/GoldenEye” Cyber-Attack


On June 27, a ransomware cyber-attack — possibly the Petya virus or a variation known as GoldenEye — hit major government agencies and operations in the Ukraine and Russia and a range of companies throughout Europe and the US. Affected sectors include financial services, transportation, energy, manufacturing, and professional services, among others. In many cases, the attack led to suspensions of operations and significant business interruption.  

If your organization has been impacted directly or indirectly through a customer or supplier, you should act quickly to contain the outbreak and collect information you may need to file a claim:

  • Work with your broker and cyber insurance carrier to access breach support and recovery services available under your policy.
  • Contact technology vendors, legal counsel, public relations experts, or other advisors who can help contain the outbreak.
  • Preserve information and document the timeline of the breach and recovery efforts, which you may need later to file a claim. 

Marsh is already actively working with clients in these regards. If you need help with any of these steps, please contact your Marsh cyber advisor or Marsh Risk Consulting via your Marsh client executive.