Anatomy of Workplace Violence: Identification, Prevention, and Response

Workplace violence is a growing risk for organizations today. In fact, every year, nearly two million American workers are victims of workplace violence. Yet despite several high-profile incidents and the media coverage they generate, there are still many misconceptions about workplace violence. And many organizations are not sure how to mitigate the risk.

In “Anatomy of Workplace Violence: Identification, Prevention, and Response,” we cover workplace violence in-depth, defining the issue and providing proven strategies to manage the risk. The article, produced by Marsh Risk Consulting, covers:

  • Who is at risk of being a victim of workplace violence.
  • Strategies that can help reduce the likelihood of workplace violence.
  • Which industries are most at risk of seeing workplace violence.
  • Steps to take before, during, and after an incident to protect your people and your organization.
  • Insurance considerations related to workplace violence.

Although the threat of violence cannot be eliminated, effective risk management — including employee awareness training, crisis management planning, and insurance solutions — can position your organization to better protect employees, patrons, and others during an event and return to normal operations as soon as possible.

Download the pdf to read the whole article.