People Risk Podcast: Managing Health Risks

The pandemic left many companies exposed and vulnerable with regard to their people. The business community now understands the role that an employer plays in facilitating wellbeing.

7 out of the 10 top global risks as well as European ones identified by HR and risk managers are actually mitigated by employee support programs. These risks include attraction, retention, engagement, mental health and culture.  Health on Demand shows us that employees are asking for new types of support that can often be embedded in their benefit plans. Nowadays, it’s really important that we listen to employees as we reshape benefit plans for moments that matter in the future.

In our sixth episode of the European MMB People Risk podcast, we learn how employee health and benefits plans can be used strategically to protect employees and improve business performance.

This episode is hosted by Helena Zikova, MMB Growth Enablement Leader, and features special guest Amy Laverock, who leads advice and solutions for Mercer Marsh Benefits Globally.

Key Takeaways:

  • Employees want their employer to care. And it is really that simple. 62% of employees who reported receiving good or very good support from their employer during the pandemic feel their employer cares about them.  They noted higher levels of employer actions on safe environment, supporting home office expenses or providing additional mental health benefits.
  • Remote working will bring exasperate new health issues. Ergonomic issues, unhealthy extension of the working day, social isolation - these can be solved at least in part the benefits design.
  • Organisations are making a lot of efforts towards attracting and retaining diverse talent, so addressing their mental health challenges should also be a part of that strategy.

About our Speaker:

Amy Laverock leads advice and solutions for Mercer Marsh Benefits Globally. She is focused on building new capabilities across our 73 markets, in a range of disciplines like workforce health, digital solutions and pioneering research.

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