Thailand: Healthy Workforce

Adapting Quickly to Situations

With renewals coming soon, it is a good time for companies to take a refreshed view of whether their employee benefits are still effectively catering to the employees’ needs.

This is an issue that has become more critical recently due to the quick-changing nature of employees’ concerns, especially with regards to their health and safety amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic.


Employee benefits typically cover medical insurance coverage and this physical aspect of employee wellbeing has been of great concern to many companies in Thailand. It is thus crucial for companies to understand their employees’ concerns and actual needs before designing their employee benefits.

MMB Thailand uses our insightful data and claims analyses to take a deep dive into your business’s needs to give you a clear view of the effectiveness of your health insurance program and any gaps or areas of improvement needed. More importantly, we also help implement top-up programs or assist our clients with the optimization process.


High levels of uncertainty in the early days of the pandemic coupled with fears of the potentially high costs of treating the disease led to a spike in demand for Covid-19-related medical insurance products.

We launched such a product with our insurer-partners: it covered the insured for the treatment costs for Covid-19 and a separate payout for death due to Covid-19. However, since the Thai government has taken the responsibility to cover for Covid-19 treatment, we quickly adapted to the needs of our clients and the product now provides a payout in case of infection, as this is currently not covered under the government’s scheme. 

This quick response shows that innovation is important for timely and effective responses to changes in businesses’ needs.

Hence, companies should engage as early as they can with their trusted risk advisors so that they allow ample time to get a clear view of their employees’ needs and develop the most suitable benefits program.

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Wimon Changthong

EH&B Prcatice Leader, Thailand Mercer Marsh Benefit