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Risk in Context Blog

Timely blogs from our risk and insurance experts on the issues and trends that affect your business – and your bottom line.


Proptech in Real Estate: Opportunity or Threat?

09 December 2020

The adoption of Property Technology (Proptech) solutions has accelerated this year as companies and consumers continue their activities under restricted travel and physical interactions.

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Five Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted Construction Companies

Posted By Kelly Outram 28 October 2020

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the business models, ways of working and risk profiles of many global construction companies.

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The Untapped Potential in Asian Offshore Wind Power

24 September 2020

Every country in Asia is at a different stage in their offshore wind development, facing unique challenges to realizing the sector’s potential. What is clear, however, is that the region has considerable room for growth in offshore wind and could significantly boost the global push for renewable energy.

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Of C-Suite Importance: The CISO

07 September 2020

Businesses keen to embrace the power of digitization must first come to terms with the value a CISO can bring. Magda Chelly explains how businesses can empower their CISOs and connect people, process and technology to quantify and address cyber risk.

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COVID-19: Implications for the Manufacturing and Automotive Industries in Asia

25 May 2020

Many production plants are returning to work with a vengeance to make up for lost time in Q1. We discuss how businesses can best bring themselves back on track.

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COVID-19: Implications for Life Sciences Industry in Asia

17 May 2020

With increased importance, urgency, and demand experienced by the industry, how can Life Sciences companies manage challenges and harness new opportunities?

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COVID-19: Implications for the Healthcare Industry in Asia

17 May 2020

The healthcare industry has not developed immunity against strained resources, a drop in non-essential care, and an increase in telemedicine. We discuss treatment options for organizations and practitioners, both public and private.

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Food For Thought 2: Navigating through the Pandemic Response Cycle for the Food & Beverage Industry

Posted by Sarah Koo 13 May 2020

Being considered an essential service in many, if not all, jurisdictions in Asia, food manufacturing and processing businesses are generally permitted to continue operating. However production may be impeded by local and border control measures, affecting labor resources and hence making it challenging for food production to operate as usual.

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COVID-19: Implications for Real Estate and Construction Industries in Asia

04 May 2020

What post-recovery changes might we expect from the real estate and construction industries? We discuss these and Marsh’s solutions.

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COVID-19: Implications for F&B and Hospitality & Gaming Industries in Asia

22 April 2020

How can the Food & Beverage and Hospitality & Gaming Industries deal with COVID-19 in Asia? Our experts take a deep dive into the solutions.

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