Unlocking Possibility in the Manufacturing Industry

World-class insight, fit-for-size solutions and expertise from key sector specialists in the manufacturing industry are tailored with a personal touch to help you find better ways to manage your risk, optimise your spend, protect your people, and support your growth.

Managing your risk and insurance program can be made easy with the right guidance. Leaders in the manufacturing industry optimise their insurance spending by learning from best practices, case studies and guidance through their own industry lens in the Middle East and Africa.

We don’t only advise on insurance – we specialise - and we’re here to help you, your business and your community thrive on new possibilities.

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How much of a hold do you have over your insurance plans and spending in 2022?

How we can help you

Tailored Solutions

We work with 4500+ clients of all sizes with an extensive experience in the Middle East that allows us to identify best practices and scale products and solutions them to meet your needs.

Insurance Program Optimisation

We can help you benefit from between 5% - 20% optimization on your insurance spending backed by specialty risks advisors, data analytics experts and a strong insurance market network.

Simple Claims Experience

Our team of on-ground claims experts help simplify the claims process by advising you on how to best minimize the cost, impact, and frequency of your claims and advocating on your behalf for a successful recovery.

150 years of Global Expertise. 43 years of local Experience.


in-house Claims Advisors in MENA.


Specialised Risk Experts addressing your business risks.


Data Analytics Experts helping clients optimise their insurance spending.

Protecting Businesses. Unlocking Possibility

Meet the Marsh experts

A guide on Evaluating your Insurance and Risk Management Plans in the New Normal

Mohamed Sharifi, Industries Business Development Manager, and Craig Paterson, Strategic Client Enablement Leader – MEA, share with you some of the latest insights on what aspects manufacturers can look at to evaluate their insurance programmes.

How Trade Credit Insurance Can Help Manufactures Thrive in the New Normal

Milind Jain, Credit Specialty Leader – Marsh MENA, speaks about the top liquidity concerns for manufacturers in the new normal and how trade credit insurance can help them mitigate those risks to focus on future growth.