Build to Rent: Construction risks for property owners and developers

Build to Rent projects might seem like any other development but insurance issues become more complex due to the multiple stakeholders involved.

Build to Rent (BTR) is changing the appearance of city centres, with developments springing up catering to renters seeking vibrant locations with excellent transport links.

By 2025, purpose-built rented accommodation in the UK will reportedly be worth £146bn. However, in order to optimise BTR income, developers and owners need a build to be completed as efficiently and to as high a standard as possible. 

In a challenging market, how should construction companies risk manage their projects? And what other measures should they take to help optimise a project’s bankability? 

Find out in our new paper, Build to Rent: Construction risks for property owners and developers.

Topics include the:

  • Contractual issues to resolve for developers who wish to sell a project on.
  • Construction risks that may affect the speed of a build.
  • Insurance solutions that benefit owners and developers.
  • Risks involved with building near railway lines.
  • State of the construction insurance market.

Read the paper to find out more key facts for developers engaging in BTR projects. And please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Build to rent: Risks for property owners and developers

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