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Owners, Developers, and Lenders

The risks faced during a development project are widespread and challenging. Marsh Specialty has the expertise and solutions to assist owners, developers, and lenders every step of the way.

Some risks faced during a development project are transferable to the insurance market and others are pure business risks. Marsh works with many national and multinational clients to implement innovative risk management and transfer solutions.

We design and arrange Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs), which provide insurance coverage and risk advice for the entire lifecycle of your project, from transactional/finance risks arising from property/land acquisition through the construction phase to the operational and property/land disposal phases beyond.

Our dedicated owners and developers team of 30 individuals works seamlessly across all classes of insurance, offering single point of contact solutions for all the construction-related classes of insurance, including professional indemnity, latent defects, employers liability, public liability, and surety bonds, amongst others.

We also work seamlessly with our co-located real estate team colleagues to offer their product suite — for example completed buildings and business interruption cover, engineering cover, and legal indemnity cover — to our property owner and developer clients. Our size enables us to offer a very broad range of placement services from within our own dedicated practice and in-house broking teams.

Supplementing our core insurance broking capabilities, our risk consulting and advisory practice is available to help our clients understand their level of risk tolerance, associated risk appetite, and optimal programme design.


Changing the National Landscape

For more information, download our Changing the National Landscape guide.

Our people

Craig Charles

Craig Charles

Head of Owners and Developers, UK Construction

  • United Kingdom

Louise Mercer

Louise Mercer

Senior Vice President, Construction Infrastructure & Surety Practice

  • United Kingdom

Clare Cooke

Clare Cooke

Senior Vice President, Construction, Infrastructure & Surety, UK