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Supply Teacher Budget Protection

Can your supply teacher budget cope with multiple staff absences caused by flu or stress? How many days of unexpected staff absence does it take to put your supply teacher budget under pressure?

Supply teacher budget protection provides an academy with the peace of mind that when it sets its annual budget for supply teachers, should it exceed that budget, the overspend will be covered.

Cover Provided

Supply teacher budget protection insurance allows an academy to set an agreed and reasonable annual budget for its supply teacher costs. It then simply pays an annual insurance premium, so that should the academy exceed its projected annual supply teacher budget, it can claim up to £50,000 of further supply teacher costs. This allows the academy to budget for the certainty that the supply teacher budget is protected, rather than for the costs of unforeseen or unusual levels of staff absence within an academy.

Key Features

  • Covers supply teacher costs incurred due to a staff absence caused by temporary illness or disablement – including absence due to stress.
  • Injuries sustained playing sport, such as rugby or skiing, are covered under the scheme.
  • Pregnancy related illnesses included.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions covered.
  • No waiting periods or per day spend limits.
  • No minimum supply teacher budget amount.
  • Cover includes teaching assistants provided they form part of the staff numbers to be insured.
  • No need to submit details of each and every staff absence until a claim is made.
  • Should replacement teaching staff join the academy during the year, they will automatically be covered by the policy.
  • Simple application process – no need to submit previous supply teacher invoices.

How to Apply

Quotes are available without the need to submit previous supply teacher invoices, simply complete a two page proposal form today.

To find out more, contact Marsh's Education team today.