Chemical and Life Sciences Risk Issue Video Series

Tackling the challenges of today, but also preparing for the future

Our latest video from our ‘Chemical and Life Sciences Risk Issue Video Series’ looks at Life Sciences Supply Chains.

Science concept. Methane or Ammonium molecules. 3D rendered illustration.

Our latest video from our  ‘Chemical and Life Sciences Risk Issue Video Series’  looks at Life Sciences Supply Chains.

Join Jenny Yu, Marsh’s Chemical and Life Sciences Practice Leader for the UK & Ireland, and Catherine Geyman from Consultancy firm Intersys as they discuss the current challenges around Supply Chain resiliency, what makes Supply Chains fragile, and the importance of looking ahead and preparing for the future. Topics include the COVID-19 Pandemic and Brexit, and the impact it has had on Life Sciences Supply Chains; and how to improve resiliency and engagement with Supply Chain teams.

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