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Research and Briefings

A New Guide on Directors and Officers Liability – The Risk Strategy and Insurance Process


Directors and officers are facing an unprecedented level of personal accountability in today’s regulatory environment. They can now be held personally liable in the UK for offences that include bribery, corruption and fraud; competition and antitrust matters; environmental law; health and safety; tax; international sanctions; money laundering; financial reporting requirements; and GDPR, as well as the possibility of fines and even a jail sentence if they are found guilty.

It is therefore more important than ever that directors educate themselves as to their obligations and the regulations affecting their actions, as well as surrounding themselves with advisers who can assist them to navigate the risk landscape.

The new guide ‘Directors and Officers Liability, Understanding Risk and Buying Insurance’ is the latest AIRMIC technical guide produced by Marsh and AIG. 

The purpose of the guide is to consider:

  • Evolving and emerging directors and officers liability (D&O) risks and liabilities.
  • D&O claims trends.
  • The risk strategy and buying process.
  • The role of D&O insurance.
  • Who is at risk: What is an officer/director/non-executive director/outside director?
  • How to get the most from your insurance.
  • The purpose and value of corporate indemnities and how they dovetail with insurance as part of the risk management strategy organisation.

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